Use Case

Joint Development Project:
Intelligent Vision Systems


Unibap is a supplier of world class, safety critical vision processing solutions and intelligent visual perception solutions. The company started in the demanding aerospace market and are now rapidly moving to industrial robust machine vision. With the unique combination of industrial skills, academic competence and industrial excellence within visual perception, Unibap’s unique platform is competence in delivering unmatched safety critical computing performance for artificial intelligence and sensor fusion methods to detect, recognize, and describe behaviors and activity seen by a plethora of advanced sensors.

Intelligent Vision System (IVS)

Intelligent Vision System (IVS) 70 mm is very easy to deploy in advanced 3D visual perception applications for industrial robotics for tasks like random bin-picking and many other non-cooperative applications.


ABB IRB-140 is used in a demonstration of the IVS-70 capability together with Robotdalen. The IRB-140 is a compact industrial robot from ABB, and it has six axes for the multi-purpose handling of payloads up to 6 kg and a reach of 810 mm (to axis 5). It can be floor mounted, inverted or wall mounted at any angle.